Sunday, March 22, 2009


Why do you wana do that to me?
Why can't you think before you act?
Why til this moment you stil wana complain witout taking any action?
Too slow..
Way too slow..
Do i have to capability to change it?
Can you look at what have you done before you write something?
I'm so disappointed..
Yes.. again...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Go Organic, Live Healthy!

For the past 2 weeks, i've been taking a "set" of nutritional organic drinks for my breakfast and supper.. Initially, my motive to start this is to improve my health "problem".. but after 2 weeks of consumption, i felt different in a way that my stomach will only starts rumbling when it almost my lunch time.. compared to before im on these beverages, which i usually had milo, bread or maggie mee, my stomach will starts making noise 2 to 3 hours after my breakfast..

This set of health drink includes wheatgrass, barley grass, 5 grains oatmilk, wild rice powder, pre balance powder and omega nutritional oil - all mixed together and shake!! shake shake and shake happily!! Huh? why happily? Hehehee.. according to some nutrition practitioners, human's emotion and thinking might influence the foods/drinks they consume and this will influence the absorption and digestion in the body. Eg: when a person is sick / just argue with bf/gf, automaticall
y it will influence the person's appetite.. true? So, be happy when u prepare your foods until you clean your plates!! Surprisingly, these drinks cost me less than rm2 per meal. Hey! im not selling products yeh.. coz im not in the sales team.. just to share some of my thoughts and experience.

On another note, i felt im not as tired as last time.. i dunno whether izit because of the beverages i consumes, which is kinda like doing some detoxification in my body.. How? by looking at the poo poo! =P Healthy poo poo = floating - soft like toothpaste - less than 200g - very soft & smooth - like bananas - at least once a day - golden yellowish - without smell. Check it out!! =.="

However, the wheatgrass and barley grass shouldn't be in exceeding amount.. Thought of consuming more.. for stronger and faster detox effect? Oh Nonono.. the effects will be causing dizziness and nausea.. exactly 1 teaspoon, twice per day, that will be the perfect dosage..

Next product to try will be the organic molasses which can helps to warm blood, increase blood circulation and ease menstrual pain and i heard my colleague said that it works! =P

Go Organic.. Live healthy!!

Presto Pesto.. anyone?

Hey people! anyone interested in presto pesto? something healthy for breakfast? =D

I've tried my company's own recipe of presto pesto..

Yummy!! the taste is not only acceptable but it's delicious.. and healthy!!

Presto Pesto (serves 2-4)


  • 1 cup of Parsley
  • 1 cup of Celery
  • 1 Garlic clove
  • 3 tablespoons Walnuts
  • 1 slice of Lemon
  • 1 tablespoon Soysauce


  • Blend together the walnuts and garlic to a paste
  • Add the parsley and celery and begin blending again
  • Stir in lemon juice and soysauce
  • Bon appetite!
  • Serve by spreading on biscuits, breads and others

Enjoy people! *wink*

More and more to share!! =D

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Work n Life

Updates!! Currently, Im working at Green Image Enterprise Sdn. Bhd., an organic company at Puchong. At last i found something that i love and it's so near my house. I'm loving my job from day to day. After my exams n presentation given by the company, i got nothing much to do now.. ya and next, i gotta start to perform now.. doing case study, applying theory and relate company's products on the task given, answering customers enquiries bout their health problems - thats my job as a nutritionist.. but my complication is that most of the case studies are in chinese =( so difficult for me.. gotta write pin yin everyday and seek help from my chinese ed cousin bro. Other than that, i think my other job scope will be a part of the fair department of my company.. yeehh.. i love health fair!! at least not 5days, 8.30am-6pm in the office =P

To you,
Hope evrything is going smooth.. Pls work out for us.. Dont complain, dont look back but just work on it! I trust you.. Yes! I trust you.. i have faith in you.. pls be good and dont hide..

Night -.-"

Eh! before that, i would like to post a few of my fav pics for the past few weeks..

Haagen dazs chocolate fondue!!

Juny and Sungbi

Princess Sis May

Sis May big day =)


4 sisters

*yawn* ZZzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Arrghh!! i miss my blog!
I always wana update my blog everyday but im so lazy and lack of time to do so..
Im busy hunting for job these few weeks..
To me, in order to get the right wan is so so so difficult!!
A nutritionist? Location? Traveling? Stress? Overtime? WORKING DAYS & HOURS? Job scope?
Duuh! Nothing is perfect! Now i realize how true is this phrase..
I became a nutritionist in Keep Slim for less than 8 hours and i quit! i gave up.. hahaha...
Whats next??
Continue hunting!! =P
I guess im lucky to have support from my family, boifren and frens..
Thanks to you all.. Me love you!!
Meantime.. daddy asked me to enjoy as much as i can..
How to enjoy? Evryone is working and even my best fren started her training de =.="
I only can disturb my sista and goodie frens during weekends...
So who to kacau next?? Boifren!!! Muwhahahaha... You cant hide! =P
Thankx for pampering and accompanying me doing silly and crazy things!! =D
Especially these moments to relieve my stress?? =.="
Oh! Yesterday we went to the fans and autograph session of Super Trio Supreme held in S.Pyramid..
The crowd was crazy and we were lucky enough to get in easily coz we were under Bosco fans!
We entered from the back of the stage =D
The situation was ok but kH was tired coz he gotta rushed from work tat day..
So sorry dear..
And NO next time he said.. hahahahaha!! but he backup his words by saying "Depends.."
He was so scare that his frens saw him under Bosco fans! Hahaha.. A macho guy *cof cof* likes a SUPER MACHO HANDSOME guy? hahahaha.. he said: So gay!! *swt* =.="
Add on.. if he appears on tv or newsppr, he will chop down my head!! *swt x 10*

Although i got 3!! but it's priceless, mommy...

My dad gonna wears it =D

My sista and her fren =D

Friday, October 24, 2008


Random pictures from my pc...

Forgot when izit.. Bar Celona =D

When he's almost down =.="

Kungfu Fighting??

No comment *swt*

Candid, Sis and I...

Dunno where izit =.="

Li Yun and I at fren's wedding =D

Sung Bi and I..
I wan half of your eyes!! can i? huh? huh?

Seafood spaghetti.. yummy!!

Fish in my tummy from K'Selangor!!

My Angela!!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Last weekend was great for me although it was a little hectic and messy around..
- Attended my frens wedding on Sat..
- Went out with my good old U6S4 pranksters fwens on Sun to celebrate one of my goodie fren, KittyWong's belated B'day..
On another note, kH was under pressure that time, rushing to complete his task assigned by his company.. I felt so useless for being helpless.. I really dunno what can i do to help him besides sitting next to him... in silent / sleeping mode =.=" Luckily he managed to handle it..
Late at night, we went to Shabu Shabu at Bandar Puteri, Puchong to reward *cof* ourselves *cof cof* after a hard day of works.. ya... ya... reward mysef i shud say.. coz im the one who love to eat n eat n eat n eat... But kH did enjoy the food and environment =D
Btw, i went to an interview today at Puchong and there will be another one at sunway tomolo..
Wish me luck.. and meanwhile.. parties and outings? jom!! =P
Below are pics of Shabu Shabu..

Pork slices.. Yummy =D
Juny's recipe =P
Bout quarter of our total plates...
kH's recipe.. I tell you guys wat is in his recipe... Soup + ice blended orange juice... ask him WHY =.="
He is digging for his ballsss... =.=" Meat balls =D
And lastly... my soup =D
and kH LOVE IT SOO MUCH!! Right? *swt*
Our coupons...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

陈慧琳&郑中基 - 制造浪漫


A week of non-stop coughing!!

2 more days, I will be jobless.. my internship in will end this Friday..
So stress up.. no wan wana hire me!! Omg omg..
*yaya.. I know some1 is scolding me over there!! Yes.. YOU!! -Stupid tou-*
I cannot sleep k.. Dream also dream of HEWO dun wana hire me back =( So pity..
While everybody is busy working, I’m lepak-ing around…

On another note, I have 5 wedding dinners to attend in this 2 months..
+ daddy bought Richie Ren’s concert ticket for me
+ goodie friends b’day
+ my friends are organizing a Christmas party!!
Yahoooo!! This means my weekend schedules are all occupied!!
Omg omg omg… So many plans… Somebody wana go fishing =.=”

Suddenly.. I miss my study life!! =P

I have tones of pics to post up!! Maybe next time.. So Sakit kepala + sick + cough for 1 week =(
Any remedy? I've been asking around for help to cure my stupid coughing.. seeking help from "experience" mommy, aunties and popo for their secret recipes.. Ceh.. mana tau their answers to me were the same.. "Gal.. you should know better than me.. you study nutrition wor..." Swt.. really swt wey =.=" speechless... I need someone to pamper me actually... Cough til my lungs also wana come out.. Somehow, coughing remind me on some1.. Moey!! Help me... Mayb Moey.. you cough a lot during F6.. *tisk tisk tisk* -touch wood- No more kay..

Get well soon Juny!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So lazy to update...